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April 2019 - Who's That Then?
The usual mixture of music and songs except that I won't be announcing who's playing before you hear the song. You'll have the duration of the track to see if you can spot who it is and then I'll tell you straightaway afterwards. Some will be artists you'll know and might recognise some of them won't be. The usual list of links to performers' websites is at the bottom of this page. Tom Paxton is mentioned but I'm not playing anything by him - he's far too easy too recognise - but he is touring the UK again during the month.
The April image is once again by Rik Middleton which is called "Primroses".
The theme music is tune called "Waterlight" written by Norman Wheatley, performed by Ian Stephenson
Tom Paxton & The Don Juans 2019 tour dates

March 2019
A recurring topic of using bits from other songs, sometimes a whole tune
Famous people who play the ukulele and a song about how to tune it
Something delightful - but unpronounceable - in Gaelic
A silly song from the 20s and a new version of a famous one from the 40s
An epic fable based in somewhere far away in a time long ago...
The March image is "Stormy Skies" by Rik Middleton
Here are links to the websites of performers mentioned this month:
Dana & Susan Robinson   Happy Traum   The Band    Gareth Davies-Jones
Jesse Winchester   Julie Fowlis   Bruce Watson   The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
George Harrison   Coope, Boyes & Simpson

February 2019 - No Guitars Allowed
An hour of music from lots of instruments apart from the guitar!
At least twenty four non-guitar music makers from accordion to trombone
   and many more in between. There's a silly song on a melodeon,
   an instrumental on fiddle and piano and something called a bandoneon...
The February image is "Riverside" by Rik Middleton.
Here are links to the websites of performers mentioned this month:
The Carolina Chocolate Drops   John Kirkpatrick    Plainsong  
Tim O’Brien   Judy Collins   The Continental Drifters   Tom McConville  
Steamchicken   Damien Clarke   The Nightwatch  
Swan & Dyer   Eliza Carthy   The Skeptics

January 2019
Several songs suitable for the month and the season
Three songs which are distinctly less than serious - one from the 50s
A well-known song by one of the founder members of Steeleye Span
A song about and then by Jake Thackray
A tribute to Bill Caddick - one of his best known songs
The January image is "Winter Fields" by Viv Wheatley (Click on it to see a
larger image; to exit the image, please use the "Close" button, bottom right)
Here are links to the websites of performers & places mentioned this month
The Albion Christmas Band   John Buckley   The Lost Notes   John Tams
Jake Thackray   John Watterson (Fake Thackray)   Kimber’s Men
The Red Lion Folk Club  The Trials Of Cato   Dana & Susan Robinson

December 2018 - Trad Song, New Sound
Performers not associated with trad material doing great arrangements
One song with traditional words to a new tune and another, vice versa
An unaccompanied arrangement which still manages to sound modern
A brand new version of a very old song, never heard before
Here are links to the websites of the performers in the December 18 Gentlefolk2
Steve Tilston
    Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle   Art Garfunkel   The Once     Steamchicken    Plainsong    
Gene Clark     The Teacups    Rosie Doonan & Ben Murray    Harp And A Monkey   Maria Barham