The one-off special Gentlefolk2 programmes

These are the "special" programmes on a theme including the extra mid-month programmes from 2020.

Birthday Greeting for Tom Rush
Happy 80th birthday, Tom! On the right is a special montage card of some of your albums and songs - as if there was any danger of you forgetting them... You can click on the picture to see it in larger size. Have a great day - and we hope to see you in the UK again one day.
Norman Wheatley
Mid September - The 100th Gentlefolk2
Good heavens - it would seem that I've made 100 of these programmes. They're not all on this website but 38 of them are. But what do you do for a big round number like one hundred? You'll just have to listen and find out. You might find a couple of clues in the pictures in the 100 on the right. They're Steve Tilston and Susan Robinson, half of Dana & Susan Robinson. It's an extra-length programme, but not 100 minutes!
Here are links to the websites of performers on the programme
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer  Harvey Andrews   Tom Paxton   Kevin Dempsey   Arcelia   Rhiannon Giddens   The Elftones   Maria Barham   Dana & Susan Robinson   Fake Thackray   Jake Thackray   Maddy Prior   The Lost Notes   Steve Tilston   Dave Fry

When is a theme not a theme? Perhaps when there are only three examples to include. A mini-theme then? Or, you say the theme is "sets of three"... which is what this is. Three songs played back to back, which have something in common. It's not a quiz to work out what the connection is apart from one of the sets: and you'll find out immediately afterwards.
Here are links to the websites of performers on this G2 (if they have one)
Mad Jocks & Englishmen   The Once   Shawn Colvin  The Staves   Coope, Boyes & Simpson   Peter Paul & Mary   Talon   Sadie Jemmett   Ninebarrow   Sangah Noona   Barry Dransfield   John Martyn   Ralph McTell   Wizz Jones   James Taylor   Flook

Just The Job
A series of songs about occupations, trades and jobs of all kinds. Starting with the more rural ones like farming and then later in the programme, some more modern jobs. You can see some of the trades mentioned in the montage to the right and with some of them, there are lots of songs to choose from. The one about the busker is a new, recorded specially for G2. Here are the links to the websites of some of the performers featured in the programme. If they're not here, they probably don't have a website.

Steeleye Span   John Kirkpatrick   Kim Lowings   Chumbawumba   Donovan   Dave Burland   Kris Kristofferson   Jimmy Buffett   Herdman, Hills & Mangsen

Singing From The Floor
A few years ago, an excellent book "Singing From The Floor" by J. P. Bean told great tales from the early folk club days  from the people who were there: Martin Carthy, Ian Campbell, Mike Harding, Ralph McTell and many more. Here are some of those stories, sometimes telling of very strange goings-on, with music from the people the yarns are about. The drawing of typical folk club mayhem is by Rob Hooper. Click on the picture to see a larger version. There's a link to his website below along with some of other performers mentioned. Some, sadly, are long gone.
Ralph McTell   Wizz Jones   Big Bill Broonzy   Peggy Seeger   Peter Knight  Barry Dransfield    Shirley Collins   Simon & Garfunkel   John Conolly
Mike Harding   Rob Hooper cartoonist

Creatures Great And Small
You may notice it doesn't say "All" in the title: one programme couldn't include every animal but a lot of them have been featured in folk-style songs. Not mythical ones, so no place for unicorns or mermaids but plenty of others, some of which are shown on the right. Can you work out which song features these animals? Have a listen and find out...
Here are links to the websites of people featured on the programme.
Nickel Creek   Three Dog Night   Jim Crawford   Ralph McTell   Kate Rusby   James Taylor   Randy Newman

Songs I Sang In The 70's
On 30th March 2020 it was 50 years to the day since the first time I got up the courage to sing in a folk club. I do realise that this is something which no-one but me is the slightest bit interested in... But here's a programme made up of the original versions of some of the songs I used to include when I sang during the 70s BUT PLEASE NOTE - NOT SUNG BY ME!! Some are well-known ~ others, you'll find, are less so which is what I tried to aim for with a typical set. I still play many of these songs now. It was a great time to get albums you could plunder for new songs to learn. Most haven't been played on G2; the few that have are in different versions.
Here are links to the websites of people featured on the programme
Loggins & Messina   Paul Simon   Ralph McTell   Tom Paxton   Bonnie Raitt   Joni Mitchell   Don McLean   Donovan   Rosemary Hardman

Gentlefolk2 5th Anniversary September 18
The fifth anniversary programme had a theme which connected all songs. Can you spot what it is? All the songs on this programme haven't been on G2 before but they all have a common thread, linked to the fifth anniversary. There are some references to "next month's programme" which as it happens is now one of the specials, Top 20 Folk.
Here are the links to websites of peformers mentioned on this programme, not as Jonny Dyer says "at the bottom of the page" but just above the music.
Vo Fletcher   Harvey Andrews   The Merry Wives Of Windsor   Donovan   Fairport Convention     Dave Fry   Kevin Dempsey   Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer   Carly Simon   Steve Tilston
And So The Year Goes Round
No announcements: an hour of uninterrupted songs and poems
set to music, following the changing the seasons through the year
Click on the image to see a larger version of the pictures on the right

The list of writers and performers for this programme is very long!
If you would like to know more about who wrote and played what
please drop me an email and I'll be very happy to send you a list
Trad Song, New Sound
Traditional songs have always changed over the years so here are some
performers not associated with trad material doing great new arrangements

One song has traditional words to a new tune and another, vice versa;
there's an unaccompanied arrangement which still sounds modern
and there's a very old song in a brand new version, never heard before

Here are links to the websites of the performers in this edition of Gentlefolk2
Steve Tilston
  Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle  Art Garfunkel  The Once  Steamchicken  Plainsong  Gene Clark  The Teacups  Maria Barham
Rosie Doonan & Ben Murray    Harp And A Monkey

Top 20 Folk
A selection of songs from the pop charts done in acoustic style covering six decades from the 50's to the 2000's.
The programme features some famous folkies including Martin Carthy, Sandy Denny, John Tams and Art Garfunkel.
You'll hear several songs which got right to the top of the charts: "Singing The Blues", "I'm Not In Love" and "Mad World".
Some of the tracks were recorded especially for Gentlefolk2.
Songs With A Story Volume One
Seven songs with a fascinating background; sometimes the writers
themselves are telling the story of how they came to write the songs
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
How Beautiful Upon The Mountain
Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
Writer In The Sun
Carolina In My Mind
Songs With A Story Volume 2
Seven more songs with interesting stories to tell and in one case,
you'll hear from the person the song was written about
The In Between Years
Ashokan Farewell
Pancho & Lefty
The Lyke Wake Dirge
Ellen Vannin
Urge For Going
A Tribute To Bill Caddick
Celebrating the life and music of Bill Caddick, who died in November 2018.
This is a longer version of a programme made to mark Bill's 70th birthday.
It features Bill's own version of "Cloud Factory" which he recorded especially for Gentlefolk2 . Bill also talks about his approach to songwriting and the background to some of his songs,  including one of his most recorded songs "Unicorns" and the epic "The Writing Of Tipperary"
Tom Paxton 80th Birthday Special
First broadcast in 2017, a programme to celebrate Tom's 80th birthday.
In an interview recorded especially for Gentlefolk2, Tom talks about
his long musical life. He tells us about his first stringed instrument:
Aloha the ukulele; we hear about the first song Tom wrote that was
recorded by someone else; we find out who Tom believes was the
best read man in Greenwich Village and he describes the debt he
owes to The Weavers, Pete Seeger & Woody Guthrie

Tom Paxton’s website     Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer’s website
Tom Paxton & The Don Juans 2019 Tour Dates
Poem Settings Special
Thirteen poems - set to music and sung by a variety of different performers
Two by W.B. Yeats, two from Scottish poets and one from Shakespeare
A beautiful poem setting which originated in Germany
A song made from a poem found in a church in Birmingham
An epic poem with the music by a well-known American singer & songwriter
The image on the right represents (clockwise from top left)
Norton New Bell Wakes; Linden Lea; The Highwayman; The Smuggler's Song
Here are links to the website of performers on this programme:
Louise Jordan   Wes Finch   Beth Nielsen Chapman   Mad Jocks & Englishmen
The Nearlys    Donovan    Vera Aspey
Silly Songs Special
Lots of silly songs; some more silly songs
A few songs which are less-than-serious
One or two songs which might make you laugh
An epic song about the battle between good and evil. Nah, just joking...
The image on the right shows (from top left, clockwise)
Quicksilver; Mike Agranoff; Sally Ironmonger; Bill Bailey

Here are links to the websites of performers on this programme
Allan Richardson   Jeremy Taylor   Tom Lehrer   Mike Agranoff
Sally Ironmonger   John Kirkpatrick   Bill Bailey
Quicksilver   Jake Thackray   The Mrs Ackroyd Band